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AM Okna has become a big brand on the Polish and European market offering reliable and innovative windows and doors. Thanks to our hard work, highest quality and professional personal we continue to grow as well as developing further following European standards.

Our company is offering goods from a modern and advanced production facility using certificated parts and LEAD - FREE profiles. Everyone can find the best technical solutions and support about our products such as:

  • PVC & ALUMINIUM windows and doors
  • PSK- and HST (Sliding doors)
  • Nord-Line – system for Scandinavian market
  • Monoblock, Blockprofile NL, Renovation profile
  • Folding Doors
  • Facades
  • Aluskin covers for windows
  • Metal doors or door panels
  • Extras - ventilators, roller shutters, blinds, external and internal sills etc.
  • Roof windows
  • Garage doors
  • New technology accessories

amokna poland

AM OKNA is searching partners interested to buy mostly everything in one place and to grow with us and discover new possibilities to expand our products with profits for everyone.

Our company wish to help our clients to make their project beautiful and economically effective and sustainable with respect to the environment for every financial possibility.

If your goals are the same - that means we are waiting for you!

We are proud of our company so please do not hesitate to visit us.
There is no better way to dispel any doubts and to start long term cooperation.

We want to present some interesting facts published by Aluplast about uPVC windows.

1. Energy efficiency of uPVC windows

  • Easy to recycle as well as preserve the nature, especially tropical forests.
  • Energy saving (a true energy champion).

2. Quality of uPVC windows

  • uPVC is completely harmless for humans.
  • Excellent sound insulation, especially in the growing metropolitan regions.
  • Perfect thermal insulation.
  • Durability and resilient (UV-Stability, wind resistance).
  • The value of your home can be increased through the integration of Aluplast windows and doors.
  • Very sustainable (uPVC windows has a lifecycle of 30 years or more).

3. Performance properties uPVC windows

  • Resistant to dirt and environmental conditions.
  • Can easily be cleaned with a mild detergent or just simple soap water.
  • Resistance against termites and uPVC never rot, rust or corrode.
  • Cannot be deformed by humidity or temperature differences.
  • Prevent the development of diseases caused by mold and bacteria.
  • Effective for many years (without recurring efforts by conservation through painting or special maintenance actions).
  • Protects the owner cause of the excellent burglary protection.

4. Various designs

  • Different types of appealing designs.
  • Different shapes, for example semi-round windows.
  • Available in numerous color variations, laminated on the outside or on both sides.
  • Innovative high-quality uPVC windows reduce energy losses to a minimum.
  • With uPVC windows you can contribute to the conservation of increasingly scarce resources and a reduction in polluting emissions.
  • Combining environmental protection and living comfort by insulating with uPVC windows.

amokna poland

We have hope facts above will help you make the same decisions as our present business partners took. AM Okna products are possible to find in mostly every European country and even in Canada or USA. Everyone interested can check our references picture in Gallery on our webpage.

amokna poland

AM OKNA B. Szymkowiak Sp. z o.o. Sp. k., Podmiejska 21a, 66-400 Gorzów Wlkp, Polen, Telefon (+48) 95 727 85 63 e-mail: